Events & Festivals


Honest Conversations

Different topics on subjects that are both controversial and unspoken about in our social spaces, things we all think about but a more worried about being politically correct.


Sunrise & Sunset Silence Disco

Our Secret Sunday hangout is [BACK] by popular demand!

Join us every Sunday as we watch the Sunset in the coolest places in South Africa.


This is more than just an event it's a stand toward a greener planet and spreading love amongst people and places we visit on this event...


Art, Jazz & Rooftop Experience

A bit of a twist to our Nightlife experience. something a little laid back with a more relaxed and calm vibe.

This time, we check out a few interesting rooftops that are special and unique in the city. Ofcoz it wouldn't be an HTE experience without a sunset rooftop vibe before we get to the art exhibition, Dinner, and Jazz.


Dining Experience

- Dining Experience