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Experience Durban


Full day experience that highlight the day and night life of Durban focusing the culture and History of the city.

This experience is for those that have a few days but want to really get to know the city.


R650 per person. All groups +5 please enquire using the form

Pick-up time & duration

Saturdays 11:00AM to 19:00 PM




Tour guide




History of Durban

Durban was founded in 1835 on the site of Port Natal and was named for Sir Benjamin D'Urban, the governor of the Cape Colony. In the late 1830s and early '40s the Boers clashed with the British over control of Durban. It became a borough (town) in 1854 and was created a city in 1935

Now known as the Zulu land, Durban is best to visit throughout the whole year the weather is always amazing comparing to Johannesburg & Cape Town.

making it the perfect destination in winter for those who believe in two summers.


Why visit Durban

Compared to the two other big cities in South Africa Durban is a more relax city, slower then johannesburg but warmer then Cape Town.

Durban is a worrio's city the cities resilince to aparthied as been in the cities DNA forever and when you visit the different place you will get to understand what makes it sooo unique.

The city is very accesble with only few places to visit making it very intimate and amazing for Solo travelers.

You get to meet many other people visiting the city for business and pleasure.

durban landmarks

Key landmarks in Durban

Johnny’s Rotis

Also known at Sunrise Chip ‘N Ranch, Johnny’s Rotis is an institution. You haven’t been to Durban if you haven’t eaten the triple cheese and chip roti with mutton gravy after a night out. They’re open 24/7.

Walk on the sky at Moses Mabhida Stadium

Built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the enormous stadium has many adrenaline-inducing activities on offer. The Sky Car, a single cabin that runs up steel tracks on the northern arch of the stadium and is designed to roll down the arch under its own gravity (in case of load shedding), has a 106-metre vantage point. Then there’s a Big Sky Walk along the arch of the stadium (don’t look down!) or a beach glide on a segway for those seeking a more serene adventure.

Florida Road shopping

In between stopping in at the many greats cafés, bars and restaurants on Durban’s glam dame Florida Road



"This is really an amazing experience.Their nightlife experiences are worth it and the company lives up to their name. Thanks Tye and Romeo!"

Treasure M wrote a review Feb 2020

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