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first weekend in your city

First Weekend in Your City


Art Music and people this experience will highlight Cape Town's creative juice.

A weekend packed with new experience's from Thursday to Sunday 


Sip & Pain : R350 per person

Live Music: R200 per person

Sunrise Workout: R150

Pubcrawl: R200

Silence Disco: R250

Sunset E-Ride: R300

 Date & Time  duration

3rd of  March 

 First Thursday of Every Month

Time for all events to be confirmed.



Welcome Drink

Access to the disco

Entrance Fee 

Access to Disco

        Weekend Pass
       R1350 per Person

sips and paint

Sip & Paint 

Art comes in different forms and this experience is a different kind of art, we feature both upcoming artists and well-known artists. 

Sip & paint is about bridging the gap between artists and people. come learn and express yourself on a canvas while guided by your favorite artist or your next favorite Artist.

The experience will be hosted in three cities at the same time:

- Johannesburg
- Durban
- Cape Town 

Come put your emotions on a canvas!


Live Music in city 

Music is a form of art that connects the world like no other, Music is considered a universal language, and nothing is more fulfilling than live music.

Our first-weekend package will put you on the front row of the best live music in your city. the experience is for music lovers and those of us who're into live music also know as real music.

The experience will available in all three cities:

- Johannesburg
- Durban
- Cape Town

"Music sees no color" by we don't know who...

live music

Morning Workout & Meditation Hike

Our minds are the only real wealth we have on this planet and the best investment we could ever make is by investing in both.

Our morning workout will give you the energy you need to keep going for the weekend.

The hike and meditation will put everything into perspective for to attack the weekend ahead in the month.

Both experience a hosted by professionals to help you to connect with yourself deeply.

The experience will available in all three cities:

- Johannesburg
- Durban
- Cape Town


Sunday city Rides 

Our Sunday rides are all about meeting people and places the rides will show the cities coolest places and focusing on gravity and spaces.

Sunday E-rides are also about views and the coolest rooftops in your city.

The experience is currently only available in:

- Johannesburg

- Cape Town

Join this cool experience to explore art in the city.

scooter rides

"This is really an amazing experience.Their nightlife experiences are worth it and the company lives up to their name. Thanks Tye and Romeo!"

Treasure M wrote a review Feb 2020

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