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Smoking Dragon

Smoking Dragon in the Drakensberg


Multi-day road trip. For solo travelers and groups to come together, make new friends, and get back to being in nature, where we belong! For festival lovers and music enthusiasts!


Basic package R4150 pp
Includes: twin share tents, transport, festival tickets.

Standard package R5150 pp
Includes: twin share tents, transport and all meals & festival tickets.

Deluxe package R6150 pp
Includes: twin share tents, transport, all meals and all activities + festival tickets.

Pick-up time & duration

29 December to 3rd Jan 

Departure point Newtown Junction 

Time: 11 am


local guide, all transport, twin share tents at a stunning location + festival tickets. 

Optional upgrade to private rooms is available at both locations. 

Optional add ons: meals and activities


You have the option of purchasing your own food throughout the trip. There are kitchen facilities where we are staying for those who love cooking, including braai faciltiies! 

"I think I was the only foreigner among you and at the beginning I was thinking it's really tough to chill with local people in their own country, but on the way back I was sitting in a car full of friends! Just wanted to thank you guys for an exceptional memory yu made for me. I hope in next trips we can see each other again" - Mahdi


Accommodation | 2 Locations 

1. Golden Gate National Park
2. Amphitheatre - Drakensberg

The Golden Gate National park has beautiful camping facilities set up under the starry night sky. 


The Amphitheatre property has a huge range of accommodation to suit different budgets and groups. We will be camping in twin share tents with access to the awesome amenities and facilities of this property. 

Facilities include: Hot tub, infared sauna, delicious menu at their on-site restaurant, large communal kitchen facilities, BRAAI facilities, lively bar and games nights. Need we say more?

Clarens, Free State 

Clarens is known for its spectacular sandstone mountains and wonderful climate; it is one of the most picturesque spots in South Africa. The list is endless when it comes to activities.

Cheese tasting at Noah’s Cheese, ziplining, biking and a nightlife experience of Clarence are all on the table for epic things to do. Pick and choose what you'd like to do, as simple as that!

This area is spiritually unique where Khoisan Hunter gatherers shown on the town’s rock art is estimated to be over 2000 years old. 


Golden Gate 

Unshackle yourself from the daily grind of life and completely absorb yourself in truly breathtaking scenery. Explore the cultural nuances of a small town and the ancient lands that surround you! All of which can be found at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in the beautiful Free State (where freedom is even in the name).


The park's most notable features are its golden, ochre, and orange-hued, deeply eroded sandstone cliffs and outcrops, especially the Brandwag rock.

Activities available: Stunning morning Hike, village visit and horse riding. 

Hiking & chasing waterfalls - Drakensberg

No need to deprive yourself anymore of nature's wonder! This is where we'll be very soon. The Drakensberg is the most famous hiking destination in South Africa. The Northern part is regarded by many as the most dramatic section of all, with access to the highest country in the world, "Lesotho," the biggest indigenous forest in the berg, the largest consolidation of rock art in the world and the 2nd highest waterfall on the planet. 

Drakensberg hike (1).JPG

Smoking Dragon - Festival 

Smoking Dragon has been in operation for over a decade. The festival has carved a name out for itself with a reputation of excellent service in a  stunning location.

There is an emphasis on representing a wide variety of musical genres, creating a diverse and interesting audience.

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