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taste of africa

Taste of Africa Food Experience


Guests  meet with us at the  Westminster mentions for the 3pm tour & 40 Phillips St, city and suburban (big blue building @ coffee shop), for the 5pm tour,  where we gather to start the tour and get briefed about the day and what to expect and what the tour will entail to manage expectations and find out if there are any allergies or special dietary requirements.


R950 per person.

R1250  per person (Including beer tasting)

Pick-up time & duration

Every day: 3 pm to 5 pm.

Approximately 2 hours in duration


All food

Local guide

Stop 1: Our first stop is where we meet depending on which tour you are doing where option 1 will be 3pm @ Westminster mentions , Highland street, Yeoville .
and option 2 will be : 20 Kruger  St, city and suburban, home to our Maboneng Offices.

Stop 2: South African cuisines, The inner city of Johannesburg made up of many African immigrates we will start of with Southern Africa Cuisine.

Stop 3: Ethiopian coffee with a delicious meal will be served at our 3rd stop.

Stop 4: Ghana - west africa brings a mouth watering mix of numerous flavours.

Stop 5: Shopping an African Market with food from all over the continent, the guest will be given a chance to shop.

Stop 6  here we will either have a Congolese meal or Nigerian depending on the group.

Stop 7:  We will end our experience in Cameroon with delicious seafood :)  

*This tour is customizable depending on special dietary requirements.*

To book for 10 or more people , please fill out the form below

Looking forward to taking you on a journey through Africa!

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yeoville history

History of Yeoville

Yeoville was the place where many European migrants first settled. Back in the day, you would see many migrants from Eastern Europe. Portugal, Germany, Lebanon, UK, Italy, Greece, Ireland but most of all displaced Jews from Europe. So the inner-city of Johannesburg became a melting pot of people and cultures. This quickly changed. Learn about the vast change this area has been through and what makes it so uniquely African today. 


Take a historical guided walk down Rockey Street in Yeoville – a steaming broth that remains part of Johannesburg’s inner-city heartbeat.

Yeoville’s “United States of Africa” will offer you an experience that will challenge your perceptions and delight your taste buds. We want to give you a blank canvas and brush so that you can paint a new picture of Johannesburg. You'll see that you don’t need to travel thousands of kilometres around the African continent to get a taste of Africa.

tour highlights
whats on the menu

What type of cuisine?

Our local guide will be leading you to places like Malalahitoka for traditional Ghanaian Wat, Kifto, Injera, Pondu and Kwanga. Mama Osu will be our Nigerian stop for Akara and Killshi...just to name a few.

Things to know before booking:

- Ubers don't come to Yeoville due to the war between Uber and Taxi drivers.
NB) Please arrange transport with your Hotel or us 

- The Experience is vegetarian-friendly not Vegan Friendly.

- We visit 4 different Restaurants all within walking distance from one another.

- The experience is designed for Foodies :)

NB) Please skip Lunch because African portions  are BIG

Because of the proximity of the restaurants, we will be walking to all the locations.

things to know

"Absolute amazing perspective-changing tour of Johannesburg. As regular traveller to East Africa, Joburg seemed like many other large African cities. I was warned that you have to watch out in certain areas and could be easily robbed. A perspective was built around a criminal intensive city. When I did the tour, this perspective was radically changed and I came to deeply appreciate Joburg... a much deeper insight in Africa than on any other tour I have done in my many travels."

Erik van der Zanden wrote a review Mar. 2020

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