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Bona fide experiences that connect you with the vibrant people and places of Africa.

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Re-Authoring  tourism on the African continent

Honest Travel is redefining African tourism by showcasing the continent's rich history and culture, moving beyond stereotypical portrayals of poverty.


We connect people with authentic experiences, making travel affordable and accessible to all. As a black-owned company, we're leading a movement to reshape the tourism industry, offering unique journeys that highlight the beauty and potential of Africa. Join us in re-authoring tourism through meaningful exploration.

"Travel done right on the African continent can change the continent forever" - Franck Leya, Co-Founder

We are honest travel experience



Most likely to sellout! 

taste of africa

Taste of Africa: Food tour of Johannesburg

Schedule |  Friday
Private groups enquire directly

This Johannesburg food tour takes you on a journey across Africa. Taste a little something from destinations such as Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria and learn about the unique history of Yeoville.


johannesburg art market

Johannesburg Art Markets: Makers Valley

Schedule | Saturday & Sunday
Private groups enquire directly

Food and art extravaganza. This Johannesburg art tour aims to shine light not only on the artists but also the range of different businesses encompassed by the valley and the rich history associated with it. Art for sale!


johannesburg nightlife

Johannesburg Nightlife Experience

Schedule | Friday & Saturday

Private groups enquire directly

For open minded night-owls looking for something adventurous. Enjoy the nightlife of Johannesburg at various bars and clubs. Welcome party people! We're taking you to 5 neighbourhoods.



cape peninsula & cape point

Cape Peninsula & Cape Point

Schedule | Mon - Thurs
Private groups enquire directly

Sit back and relax on this full day of exploring. Immerse yourself in nature, take in the the scenic Cape Peninsula to Cape Point and be in awe of the diverse wildlife. 


rediscover johannesburg

Rediscover Johannesburg

Schedule | Mon - Thurs
Private groups enquire directly

This Rediscover Johannesburg tour is for friends and family looking to see their city through a unique perspective and fresh new mind set. Uncover hidden neighbourhoods!


pan african cooking experience

Pan African Cooking Experience

Schedule | Sundays
Private groups enquire directly

On the organic experience, we take a journey through Bertrams. A melting pot of regeneration and upliftment of old and unused spaces turned into eco-friendly spaces, co-working spaces, and urban farming.


district six coffee and walking tour

District Six: Coffee & History walking tour

Schedule | Wednesday & Thursday

Private groups enquiry directly

Modern coffee culture combined with historical storytelling of the dark Apartheid history. For visitors looking for an educational yet poignant experience.


entrepreneurs of langa

Entrepreneurs of Langa
bike tour

Schedule | Friday & Saturday

Private groups enquiry directly

This Langa bike tour is a social impact experience which offers responsible exploration in an important South African township.  Art lovers must not miss this!


taste of kush

Taste of Kush:
Elevated foodies

Private group bookings only
For any day of the week

Highly curated and designed for friends, bachelor & bachelorette parties, private functions/events. Completely customisable from casual braais to a la carte dinners.


& locals receive 15% off 

You're on!

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