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Corporate Excursions 

Things to do with your team

Whether you looking for a big team-building experience or a small excursion for your team we've got you!

Our team specialised in Corporate excursions which will provide your team with the space and time you need together to unwind and escape the office for days or just a couple of hours, we have something for everyone. 

From Immersive Experiences to a day out in the city or the bushes we have the perfect experiences for you and your team to choose from regardless of your budget.

Here are some excursions you can choose from and if you don't find something that suits your team's needs don't hesitate to contact us so we can build one just for you.

Rediscover Johannesburg or Cape Town

This is an experience for friends and colleagues looking to see their city through a unique perspective and a fresh mindset. After seeing these unknown and secret neighbourhoods, you will feel proudly South African! We take you across the sprawling inner-city showcasing areas like you have never seen before. 

We promise to offer you an experience that will challenge your perceptions about affordable accessible travel. Ultimately we want to give you a brush and blank canvas to paint a new picture of the city through your own eyes, and prove you don’t need to have to travel thousands of kilometres around the African continent to see Africa.

rediscover johannesburg and cape town
History and culture experience

History & Cultural Experience

Experience Africa's rich and colourful culture. We offer Half-day or Full day experience. Specially made for those interested in learning more about their city and different cultures.

Deep dive into the Urban History of the city and its people and what is new and trending in the different spaces. This experience is for those who enjoy History & Culture.

This day tour of Johannesburg or Cape Town takes you across the sprawling metropolis from the townships to the inner-city to help you understand the most pivotal events in South Africa's history and culture.

Street Art & Gallery Experience

Street art has been a form of protest from its inception, Art as a whole has been used as a form of protest and on this experience, you will get a chance to explore two mediums that are changing the city and spaces.

The Experience is designed to get critical thinkers out of their comfort zone and get them to see life through an Artist's Lens...

Half-day experience for a small team of Art and Gallery lovers. This experience will connect you to artists in your city.

Street are and gallery experience
walk your city

Walk Your City

Take your team on a walking tour of the city, whether it is just for some fresh air or to connect them to the people they serve.

Our Walking tours are very educational and insightful and will provide your team with the energy they need to reach their KPIs

The tours range from 1hr to 4hrs in very interesting parts of the city.

Rooftop & Food tasting Experience

Re-connect with the earth and its healing power. Learn how to start your own food garden and how to improve your health with organically grown food. You will also get to enjoy a delicious meal prepared from the produce of one of the farms we will visit on this tour. The chef, in her passion, also takes us through her journey of not only healthy eating, but how she sees it becoming a huge part of our lifestyles.

Half day experience of food tasting and views of the city.

roof top and food tasting experience

Public Transport & E-scooter Experience

Take your team on an immersive transport experience around your city and explore all modes of transportation.


- Taxis

- Trains

- Bikes

- Buses 

- E-scooters 

The experience is designed to connect your team to the city through transportation.

public transport and escooter tour

Amazing Race

Team building experience that will take your team out of their comfort zone exposing them to trust one another.


This immersion will involve an intimate experience through the city which is unfacilitated. Honest Travel Experience will communicate with participants via social media platforms.

The city will be filled with clues that will allow the teams to get from one place to another.

The program will be designed to meet your company or team's needs but most importantly will require teamwork.

The immersion is curated to challenge individuals and for team building.

Participants will be given

* Spending money for activities

* One Smartphone per group

* Clues to the next locations (will be sent via social media)

* Three different modes of Transport will be used

* Contact details

Participants will be divided into groups of 5

Our dedicated team will be tracking all groups to find out where they are from time to time to check in and see how they are doing.


Participants will be on an extremely tight time schedule and are encouraged to use public transport to get from point to point.


Venues in the city

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