Itinerary Planning: transport & accommodation

Multi day itineraries from Cape Town to Joburg. 

Schools & Universities

Tailor made for specific courses and needs. We have catered and hosted high school students through to MBA students. 

Special groups

Corporates, families, special events, bachelors, hens, parties

Social impact,

 volunteering & internships

Support or engage with our select projects involved with urban farms, animal welfare and human rights.


Rediscover Johannesburg tour

This Rediscover Johannesburg tour is for friends and family looking to see their city through a unique perspective and fresh new mind set. After seeing these unknown and secret neighbourhoods, you will feel proudly South African! We take you across the sprawling inner-city showcasing areas that you've never been. 


Johannesburg nightlife experience

For open minded night-owls looking for something  adventurous. Enjoy the nightlife of Johannesburg at various bars and clubs across 5 areas. Everyone is welcome!


Taste of Africa: 
Johannesburg food tour

Johannesburg's inner-city, “United States of Africa”, will offer you an experience that will challenge your perceptions and delight your taste buds. Ultimately we want to give you a brush and blank canvas to paint a new picture of the city through your own eyes, and prove you don’t need have to travel thousands of kilometers around the African continent to get a taste of Africa.


Johannesburg Art Markets:
Victoria Yard & Makers Valley neighbourhood

This Johannesburg art tour aims to shine light not only on the artists but also the range of different businesses encompassed by the valley and the rich history associated with it.

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