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District Six Coffee & History walking tour


Walk through a historic neighbourhood and learn about its transformation over time. Modern coffee culture combined with storytelling of a poignant history.


R690 per person. Please enquire below if you are a private group, school or university.

Pick-up time & duration

Every Wednesday & Thursday: 10 am pick up from city centre. Approximately 3 hours in duration


Museum entry fee

Local guide

Mini coffee workshop and roastery tour

Street art walk

Small snack is provided, but no lunch

Local taxi ride 

We end the walking tour by taking a short ride with a local taxi back into the city centre. Travellers will be required to organise their own transport to their next destinations.

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Walk the streets uncovering hidden street art 

Learn about the artist who paints the walls of District Six with powerful messages. Mak1One is one of Cape Town's most famous self taught graffiti art pioneers. He pursued graffiti as a platform to express his thoughts and inspire others to question the governance of that time.


District Six Museum

This small yet significant museum was founded in 1994 to honour those forcibly removed from their homes that were destroyed by bulldozers. Fragments of the former neighbourhood are displayed, along with a map which notes the former locations of peoples houses.

Famous Table Mountain Frame

Get the famous Table mountain yellow frame photo with a striking mural of Nelson Mandela in the background. Also, visit our much loved bakery next door for a sneaky sweet along the way...


Why District Six?

District Six was named the sixth municipal District of Cape Town and was established as a mixed community of freed slaves, merchants, artisans, immigrants and labourers. Over 60,000 of its non white inhabitants were forcibly removed during the 1970s Apartheid regime. The area was to be redeveloped for whites only, but as a result of international pressure it was left abandoned. See what's left today by walking old cobble stone roads. District Six is slowly redeveloping and now boasts quirky cafes and shops.

First, coffee...

Get your coffee fix at a coffee roaster ranked #1 in the world by The Daily Telegraph, known for its futuristic steampunk outfits and industrial vibe. We're all hands on with our mini barista workshop. Taste origins of coffee from around the world. 

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