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Welcome to Salt-River


Street Art and History is what this experience is about, Cape town as a deep hidden History covered by the mountains and the Ocean.

Meeting point & time & duration

Daily: 10 am- 13 pm

375 Albert Rd, Woodstock

Cape Town,


R550 Walking

R690 On E-scooter

R650 On Bike per person

large groups, please enquire using the form below




Bike or E-scooter


Why Salt-River ?

Salt River is a charming Suburb that was once the Industrial epicentre of Cape Town, thanks to its close proximity to the heart of the City. Over the decades, it has gone through highs and lows, which have left it with plenty of character and a story to tell. The Apartheid Regime left its mark on the Country, and Areas like Salt River are integral to keeping the Lessons learnt, alive in the minds and hearts of fellow South Africans.

Re-birth of Salt-River

After apartheid ended a lot of this neighbourhoods were literally left for dead and for some reason this one as managed to re-invert itself while keeping it originality, Today when you visit the neighbourhood you can tell by it's current inhabits that they call this their home and the issue of land is very visible in this neighborhood.


We the People...

Salt River is occupied mainly by Coloured folk with Cape Malay roots. It is brimming with Schools, Shops, Businesses, and Homes; and has a tangible vibe as Locals and Visitors bustle on the Streets and go about their daily routines. This multifaceted area truly gives visitors a taste of the people of the Mother City; ranging from Hospitality, Culture and way of life.

The New Cool 

Salt River is now regarded as one of the places you meet the people with the past being visible in many different places the young people have really embraced it and turn many spaces cool attracting both locals and tourist in the area.


While exploring this area one thing you will feel as you walk is the sense of respect amongst the people and we encourage you to spend money on the local economy to help a lot of the local projects to continue the amazing work they do!


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